There are quite many reasons that make almost all of us look forward to Christmas. Some of the most essential? There is a good chance to get together and have fun with our beloved ones. Christmas is the time for relaxation, brake from daily routine or even travelling. And who could resist the delicious Christmas dinners or the exchanging of the gifts? As for the Christmas decoration of our homes, that is another very charming reason and this is what we are going to talk about.

Yes, the theme is Christmas and the place is our home! But what’s the Christmas decoration style you want to give to your home? Because there are many different styles and the scenery you are going to create could be much more interesting and atmospheric if you try to combine your Christmas ornaments under the same line of style. Here we’ll see eight different Christmas styles with some collages we created for you using pictures we found on Pinterest.

Sophisticated Modern Style

If you have decided to dress your house in a sophisticated Christmas style, the choice of your palette consisting of two or three strict colors is the second decision you’ll need to make. While keeping with your decoration clean lines is the secret key to success! Black and white or different shades of a warm earth color could be the perfect colors for your choice. For a totally unique Christmas tree, thin wooden boards and a few fairy lights are all you need. To fill in your imaginary scenery use Christmas ornaments made by wood, paper and naked branches.

Dreamlike Style

For a magical and dreamlike style, dark color backgrounds could be the first step to your Christmas decoration. On the foreground you can hang a variety of colorful crystals, old fashioned Christmas balls or white snowflakes made of paper. For a dreamlike environment the choice of the Christmas tree is open and free. Whatever you choose it’s essential to hang many small and bigger fairy lights. And don’t forget to also use Christmas ornaments that travel you to the fairy tales and to the old times.

Industrial Style

If you imagine your home for Christmas in an industrial style, metal, wood, fairy lights and a touch of greenery is all you need. Use your ladder as a Christmas tree or decorate the one you have with any kind of wheels, ball bearings and any other metal objects you might think. Hang on the wall a bunting made of colored silver lamps and for the dinner table create little trees with sheets of metal and logs. As for a Christmas wreath you can just give a circle shape to a hanger and attach a small piece of a fir garland.

Rustic Style

A fresh and simple rustic style is another wonderful concept for the Christmas decoration of your home. If you don’t have space for a Christmas tree you can paint one on a wooden board. Paper bags filled with branches of fir and other greeneries among wooden candle holders is a wonderful centerpiece for the dinner table. Create a beautiful runner made of candles and place the Christmas balls in a metallic basket. Wrap the presents only with craft paper and add a touch of Christmas greeneries here and there.

Bohemian Style

For bohemian mood or type of person what better choice than a Christmas decoration in a boho style? Choose one or more areas in your house and over stuff them with Christmas objects that you adore. Create any kind of banding you can imagine and place several pots, with small firs and other plants. A two-dimensional tree made of a few branches and rope is another nice place to hang more of your favorite objects and fill the space on the floor with fluffy pillows and blankets. And most important, forget about the structure and order and just let it be.

Candy Style

A very happy and funky decoration is to create a candy Christmas style. The children of the house will be thrilled! Choose a palette of four to five vivid candy colors and spread them with the most playful way all over the living room. Wrap your cactus and your plants with colorful garlands and in the same style make and kind of paper bundings you may think. Use a white Christmas tree and fill it with lots of brightly colored ornaments and fairy lights in a funky style.

Modern Chick Style

If you are a lover of a modern chick Christmas style try to create a really clean and classy atmosphere. Keep the space bright and fill it with gold details in a distinctive and stylish way. Besides, which is the most appropriate time other than Christmas, to give gold color the place it deserves? Use your materials and ornaments to create specific shapes and add a little touch of greenery at the right places. Enrich the scenery using graphic patterns and geometrical Christmas objects. As for the Christmas tree, why not creating something very light and simple?

Shabby Chick Style

For those with a romantic mood a very good choice is the shabby chick style. Keep it all in white like everything is snowed or has been faded from time. For a Christmas tree make one by yourself using a bunch of logs and place a fluffy Christmas garland with many fir leaves and cones at any spot you want. For Christmas balls use soft and fluffy hanging objects and the most enjoyable of all? You may create small Christmas treasures with any kind of material or used objects you love.

We just saw a small variety of Christmas decoration styles and of course there are many more.  It’s up to you which one to choose and even come up with one of your own. At the end of the day the most important matter is to enjoy the ride!

From the bottom of our hearts we wish you Merry Christmas and a very happy, healthy and stylish life!

True Blue Team