Olive trees, olive branches and leaves and olive oil! What else could be the best choice for the decoration of a wedding in Greece but the olive theme? And the good news is that most of the brides that having their wedding in Santorini and the rest Greek islands, would love to have a beautiful wedding scenery decorated with olive foliage.

What is really interesting with the olive leaves is that they have different shades of green at each side of the leaf. The one side is dark green while the other side has a lighter color which looks almost like silver, especially when it’s illuminated by the light of the sun. This type of greenery can be combined with any color you like and the final result can be always amazing.

When we use though the olive foliage without using almost any other flower, then we can have a totally sophisticated and atmospheric wedding, and very inexpensive, too. How a total olive theme wedding it would look? Let’s see J

Would you like the idea of keeping a bridal bouquet made only by olive foliage? You could also wear a wreath on your hair or an elegant wrist corsage. As for the groom’s boutonniere what else but some pretty olive leaves tied with a ribbon.

If you still dream of having some flowers on your bridal arrangements, why not to add some? Your bridal party could keep the total olive ones.

A fluffy bunch of olive branches looks so stunning at the one pillar of the gazebo together with those ethereal white fabrics. More olive leaves and twigs at the ceremony chairs or at the ceremony table among some white candles could create a really stylish and dreamy wedding altar.

For a more completed total olive theme don’t forget to add a touch of olive leaves at the wedding cake, the seating plan and the wedding favors.

If you want to create a more luxurious atmosphere at your reception tables you could use together with the olive branches, good quality fabrics in a wonderful shade of warm grey color. Gold cutleries, grey candles and other metal objects in gold color could be the perfect finish for a luxurious feel.

Finally, it may be said that whether you are a rustic type of bride, or you like luxury or you want a dreamy and fairytale atmosphere at your wedding, you can have exactly what you want by using olive branches combined with the right decorative objects and colors. The deep blue of the Aegean Sea and the dazzling white of Cycladic architecture, will complete the most amazing scenery for an unforgettable wedding in Santorini or any other Greek island.

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