Did you know that until 1840 the brides of western culture wore wedding dresses in any color they liked? For example black was the favorite color of Scandinavian brides while the poorest brides whore their best church dress which wasn’t white. Only after Queen Victoria’s wedding, who she got married in white, this color became the most popular option for the wedding dresses.

In the 20th century brides continued to wear white because people believed that this color symbolizes virginity and purity but the truth is that color blue was connected with purity, faithfulness, piety and the Virgin Mary. Nowadays most of the brides still wear white, but why don’t we rethink about the color of our wedding dresses? Below you will find some wonderful proposals for wedding dresses in several colors.



Who can resist to these stunning wedding dresses in mint color? So dreamy and ethereal! As for the meaning of this beautiful shade of green? It symbolizes love, joy, abundance and hope. Some of the best ingredients for a happy marriage!



Affection, compassion, tenderness and romance are the qualities of pink color. The perfect and timeless choice for totally romantic brides!


Deep Blue

For the brides who wish to look like queens of the night, there is no better color than dark blue.  Furthermore, a color which symbolizes chastity, loyalty, faith, modesty and eternity couldn’t be but the best option for a never ending love.


Light Grey

This color is a wonderful choice for the modern brides who want their romance to be hidden and implied. A wonderful option for a minimal and chick style!


Shades of Rouge

The ideal selection for passionate, ambitious and very emotional brides are all the shades of rouge. The color that symbolizes love, magnanimity and fortitude!


Black and Grey

With a wedding dress in black and all the shades of grey no bride can be forgotten. A unique choice for strong, energetic and confident brides who love to stand out!


Hidden Colors

If a bride still wants to wear white, here is an alternative option to add a color that she likes on the white wedding dress. Hidden under the skirt!



A fantastic color for a bright, expressive and really happy bride! We adore wedding dresses in yellow, a color that symbolizes faith, constancy, wisdom and glory!



Maybe this option is not so much in fashion anymore but for us it’s still a very pretty and playful choice. Furthermore it’s very suitable for those who want just a little touch of color on their wedding dresses.


Light Blue

Creativity, perceptiveness, imagination, intelligence are some of the qualities that symbolizes the light blue. A lovely color for a totally fresh, romantic and dreamy style!



If a bride wish to look like a princess coming from the fairytales, a gorgeous floral wedding dress in pale colors is all she needs. Her romantic side will reign and her wedding’s going to be like a dream.


The collages of this post are created by True Blue team with photos selected from Pinterest.