True Blue Weddings & Events

Fenny fell in love with Santorini, from the moment she moved there from Athens to work as a wedding designer and planner. Coming from a professional background that involved interior design and having just finished her second degree in cultural studies, she soon realized that she can use the best out of both in the event planning. After working as a wedding stylist and planner in Santorini for three years, bringing to life a great number of events, she took it a step further and made her own dream come true by creating “True Blue Weddings & Events”.

Fenny’s way

I love to get in touch with people from all over the world! To talk, laugh and work together with them. To meet their desires and way of thinking and offer them a meaningful experience of the most significant and blissful moments of their lives.


I love events that flow smoothly, where everything is organized in detail and exactly as planned. Because that’s the only way everyone involved is relaxed and happy – therefore in the right mood to party. And to be honest, because I am addicted to organizers, diaries, folders and lists.


I love colors, flowers, ribbons, fabrics, herbs, shells, candles, pebbles, feathers, branches, crystals and… the list never ends. Just let me know the way you imagine your special day and as the genuine styling maniac that I am, I‘ll make sure the scenery of your dreams will come true.


I love the beauty of Santorini and the Cyclades. The sun, the sea and the wind. I adore the music, the food, the festivals and the hospitality of Greece. And my dream is for you to experience the best of it!